Relationshit user to event


Can somebody support me with issue, when i try to create relationship one to many from user to event. Please see attachment. I’m running clean instalation of Suite CRM Version 7.10.9
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

Check your MySQL database properties, specifically the Collation. You can use phpMyAdmin if it is available.

Normally I see SuiteCRM using utf8_general_ci, not other country-specific languages.


Yes, i have the colation set for utf8_general_ci, but i’m still getting the database failure error. Today during deploying new modul in module builder and then when i try to set relationship between this new module and Account module.
see attachment log.

could you support me with this, beacuse I’m stuck there.

thank you.

Clearly you have a different setting somewhere:

So you need to find out where it is… maybe there is a generic collation for MySQL, then a specific one for a specific database, then one for each table… try to look around and find somewhere where the setting ‘utf8mb4_czech_ci’

Also look at PHP settings for Collation - I am not sure they exist, but perhaps they do.

Remember to restart database/web server between each settings change.

Thank you. Collation , which cause problem was found in suite config file. Now it is working