I have noticed that the list of relationships of two identical fresh insalls of SuiteCRM 7.1.1 (one on Linux hosting, the other on my Windows PC) are different! (see attached image).

I used the Chrome “Inspect element” feature and I noticed that both lists continue beyond their visible areas.

On the PC side these are the six further non visible elements:
. contacts_users - Contacts - Many to Many - Users
. documents_contacts - Documents - Many to Many - Contacts
. meetings_contacts - Meetings - Many to Many - Contacts
. opportunities_contacts - Opportunities - Many to Many - Contacts
. projects_contacts - Projects - Many to Many - Contacts
. securitygroups_contacts - Security Groups Management - Many to Many - Contacts

While on the server side, there are no non visible elements!

In addition: none of the non visible elements in the pc side has a correspondence with those in the server side!

I also checked the database but I didn’t figure out how these relationships are structured.

Then I ran a quick rebuild and a repair relationships and, as a result there were more relationships on each install, but, still not the same!

I am not sure wheter it’s a bug but it is definitely a very strange behaviour!!!

Hi there,

What is your server running? Can you list the details of both servers and their MSSQL/MySQL/PHP versions etc.



On the PC:
. OS: Windows VISTA Home Premium
. WAMP Server 2.0
— Apache 2.2.8
— PHP 5.2.8.
— MySQL 5.1.41

On the Hosting:
. OS: Linux CentOS - kernel 2.6.32
. Apache (I don’t know the version. In any case > 2.1
. PHP 5.3.3
. MySQL server: 5.5.34