Relationships with relabelled modules

I have a “Loans” custom module that has a 1 (Loan):many relationship with my “Accounts” module which when I created the relationship I changed the “Accounts” label to “Borrowers”. I now want to create a many:many relationship between my “Borrowers” module and my “Contacts” module and relabel the Contacts side “Directors”. How do I form the relationship with the “Borrowers” module as all I seem to be able to do is form a relationship with the “Accounts” module again?


Using Studio you can set different relationships. I don’t see any problems. The relationship many-to-many for module ‘Contacts’/‘Directors’ with ‘Loans’ is standard possibility.

I have created a ONE:MANY relationship between LOANS:ACCOUNTS and I have renamed the ACCOUNTS side BORROWERS. So it displays:

So the Subpanel now under LOANS says BORROWERS instead of ACCOUNTS.

My question is, how do I create a relationship with BORROWERS?


BORROWERS is only label for subpanel of LOANS but the name of module remains the same - ACCOUNTS. You can use name of module ACCOUNTS for creating relationships. What relationship do you want to create (ACCOUNTS/BORROWERS <–> ???)?
Maybe I don’t understand you correctly. If so then give me more information.

No, you’re pretty spot on.

Although they are the same module displaying the same data

I now want to create a many:many relationship between BORROWERS and CONTACTS (Which I will rename the CONTACTS side to DIRECTORS). I want to be able to select a “BORROWER” and allocate who the DIRECTOR is to that BORROWER. So I need to create a relationship with that particular ACCOUNT module that is called BORROWER.

Here is my BORROWER (Accounts Module)

When I select the BORROWER, the subpanel underneath the BORROWER is to be the DIRECTORS (Contacts) Subpanel.


I don’t see a problem. Create a many-to-many relationship between the Accounts<->Contacts modules. Set the label for the Contacts subpane as DIRECTORS.

I don’t know the full logic of how your CRM works. Perhaps you need to do something else.