Relationship for fiels

Hi, can you support me?

I need to relate 2 fields of a numeric type, Example: Id of a new related field from Contact to a new module where the Id field is.

The problem is that if you relate it with text and not with a number, Example: The contact has many relationships with the field of the new module of the type nuemerico or text with the ID: 000101, I must retry the nuemros of the left.

Can you please explain the requirements more?


Hello, thank you for your interest.

The requirements are the following:

1.- In the Contacts Module, you must be able to have a relationship with another new module called File from one to many.

2.- When the Relationship is made in auntomático, it puts a subpanel in contacts called Dossiers, in which you can add many once selected.

3.- The objective is to be able to do that without selecting the Files in auntomático, place them in the Subpanel of Records when they are related to the file number.

Example: If a Contact has many Files with the same number of pages but with different cases, they must show them in the subpanel of the Contact called Records.

I remain of you … Greetings

First and second point is OK.
CRM system is doing it automatically.
For third option, for now have you added the file field in subpanel layout?
And how you are generating the auto numbers?
I am sorry, I was bust last days, so couldn’t respond immediately.
The requirements are confusing. I can help you out, please Skype me if you want to save the time.


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Hello, thank you very much for your answer Sohaib M

I told you that I would like to contact you so that you can provide me with a Skype conference consultancy and add you, and I already enroll in “” so that you can provide me with training.

I remain attentive to your comments, greetings. Thank you