Relationship delete problem and required relationship

Hi, I have two problems:

  1. Relationship between two modules is twice and I want to delete one of them. For ex: account module is related to project module by relationship ‘one to many’ and ‘many to many’. I want to delete ‘many to many’ relationship. At the following location, I can only find ‘one to many’ relationship:
  • Metadata file:
  • TableDictionary file: custom\Extension\application\Ext\TableDictionary~relationship_name~.php

What can I do?

  1. I want to make one relationship required filed. At this location : “custom/Extension/modules/<module_name>/Ext/Vardefs/<cstm_your_relationfield_name>.php”. I added code but it doesn’t work. See attachment:

Thank you <3

Please, answer me :))

Try to repair relationships from Admin-> Repair

Also, have you tried to do add/remove relationships via Studio?

after repairs, nothing changed.
In the studio, I have not delete button for some relationship (I have admin user). :frowning:

Check this tutorial. It might help you to understand your problem: