Relation from Module-Aproducts to Accounts

I have local installed Bitnami- SuiteCRM 7.6.4 and Windows10.

I made in SuiteCRM a Module called Aproducts.

The thing I need to have is:

Company Johnson & Co is making Product A, Product B Product C
Company Miller & Co is making Product X, Product Y
etc etc.
I made the relationship many to many Aproducts with Accounts.

I made fields in Module Aproducts… Name (default) and Aproducts and Acompany

I do a test import for 38 Aproducts from a CSV file and make the mapping:
NAME - for the product
Acompany for the Accountname

Importing giving the correct companies /Aproducts BUT NOT related to the ACOUNTS.! inspite of relationship Many to many.
If I do it manually to go to Johnson & Co and Create (in the viewable dashlet) an Aproduct is it correct in Aproducts and I see it
also in Account because of Many to Many.
But importing is not working with the relation ship.

How to solve this?

Would be very thankfull for somebody replying to this issue.

Thanks, William

You can get a lot more control over the import process if you import via PHP.

There is a sample here of how to establish a relationship between two beans:

Where can I buy the PRINTED(Book) Suitecrm for Developers, ???

I see the Ebook that i think I cannot print that, or is it in pDF, to bring it to a Copyshop for prinding as a book/manual
Let me Know.

There is no printed version.

I guess you can print the eBook, it’s in EPUB format, ask at your copy shop. I printed it at home.

If you’re going to buy, be informed that it about to be made public… in fact, you can already have a look at it here:

although there will be a new site coming soon. :wink: