Relation between Contacts and Accounts


I’ve a problem with the relation between Contacts and Accounts.

The Accounts’ subpanel “Contacts” doesn’t show the linked contacts that have the same account and are in the Contacts Module.

If I create a contact into the Account module, it will be showed both in that module and in the Contacts module, but I have to upload the contacts in bulk and be sure that they are linked to their account.

Is this a bug?

You can read up on all the details of the Accounts-Contacts relationship here:

see if that helps you understand what is going on in your system. You might be having two Accounts relationships for a given Contact. The best way to check is to keep an eye on the database while testing.

Hi! Thanks for the answer. I read the topic but I couldn’t figure out my problem.

The guide says “if you don’t see the second Account from the Contacts detail record, you can still see the Contact in the Accounts record, as an item in a subpanel”, but I can’t see it. Only if I add it manually I can see it, but I think there must be a way to get Contacts automatically linked to their Accounts’ subpanel.

I also checked the relationship settings, but I can’t delete existing relationships.

What is your version of SuiteCRM?

How exactly are you adding the Contacts, and specifying which Account they belong to?

Version 7.10.10

I’m adding the Contacts by uploading the template file as well as creating them manually.

I created a new field (Data type: Relate) that connects Accounts with Contacts, and it works, but Contacts are not showed in the related Account’s supanel.
Only if I match them manually from the supbanel it works, but I should check every single Account.

I don’t think you should create a new field. And Relate fields don’t show as subpanels, only full relationships do.

So you should just use the existing accounts-contacts relationship.

If you import correctly, the link will be made for you. This involves either importing a valid account_id into the contact’s record, or (more user friendly) use an existing Account name in field account_name (make sure it matches exactly), and SuiteCRM should create the relationship for you.

Ok, so the problem is that I can’t delete new relationships. I read on another post that it might be a bug, what do you think?

Anyway, I needed the relate field inside the Contacts because there wasn’t any field that could match the Accounts and if I already have the related account I can just find it and be sure that I don’t write it in a bad way.

If I want to see every Account’s Contacts, they should be connected with a field, is it right? Otherwise, how can a Contact be linked to an Account? What do you mean saying “full” relationship? I can create new subpanels but even doing that I can’t figure out how to make it works.

I don’t understand some of what you write, I think you’re still confused about some basic things in SuiteCRM.

Let me try to explain (sorry if this is stuff you already know)

There are two ways to link the records together.

First, from an Account detail view:

  • scroll down to the Contacts subpanel
  • click Select
  • use the pop up window to select an existing account, and it will be linked to the account (a full relationship will be created)

The same thing can be achieved starting from the Contact’s detail view:

  • click Edit
  • use the field called “Account name”, which you can use both as a pop-up, or you can fill in directly with find-as-you-type search helping you.
  • save

Does this help? If not, what exactly is missing?

The problem is not about the link between Contacts and Accounts. Every Contact is linked to its Account, but the subpanel doesn’t show any of the linked Contacts.

From the Demo:

  1. Sample Account Detail View (the SubPanel does show the list of linked Contacts):

  1. Sample Contact (from the previous Account): there is no Contacts/Accounts subpanel (expected behaviour) but only one account linked (shown) to the Contact:

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I don’t have the first screen output. The subpanel doesn’t show the linked contacts. Any ideas?

Is the subpanel collapsed? Press the “+” button.

If that’s not it, then something is not behaving normally, please check both your logs for any messages at the time that screen displays.