Related field shows "Undefined"


I have some custom modules that works fine, but recently I have a trouble with my last module’s pack. The relation between my last custom module and prospects (Potencials on screenshot) seems don’t work.

I have created a related field on my custom module for select the prospect related. When I go to the edit view I can’t select a prospect from this related field.

The result show “Undefined” and a blank list (see screenshot). But If I click in the arrow for view the prospect’s list, the list shows fine, although when I select one the result will be “undefined” anyway.

I did a repair and rebuild, a relations rebuild too, I have cleaned all prospects registers, I have cleaned the related tables too, with the same result.

Anyone can help me?


Executing the Console from Firefox is showed the error

“this._sCurQuery is undefined”


I did it:

  • repair js files
  • rebuild js grouped files
  • quick repair & rebuild

But the error persists.

Have you set permissions correctly?

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Yes. And you must be know that other relations, for example, between this custom module an other module, like Leads, works fine. And the relations between prospects and whole other modules works fine too.

Facing Similar Issue here. Creating a Relationship between Prospects and Custom Modules causes the relate field to break. I’ll take a look if the issue has already been reported on github or not.

Anyone ever got a fix to this issue? I have this same problem right now and can’t find any way to fix it