Related contacts in opportunity module

If I convert a lead to an opportunity, I have to option to create a new contact based on the lead’s data.

But how do I use this contact in the opportunity workflow? If I want to calculate a field there is no contact-option between the relation parameters.

Is this a result of the many-to-many relationship setting perhaps?


Sorry, which many-to-many relationship are you talking about?

I don’t think you “convert” a Lead to an Opportunity. Conversions are between person records, so: from Target to Lead, and from Lead to Contact. You can skip the Target concept if you don’t need 3 levels.

The Opportunity, on the other hand, is not a person, but a (potential) business deal, which is related to that person.

Well If I convert a lead I have the possibility to create a new opportunity, related to that lead and contact. But how do I use lets say the contact’s phone number in the opportunity workflow?

I don’t think you can grab a value from a related record in a Workflow. You need some PHP code for that - it’s a very simple logic_hook to write.

Are you a developer?