Relate type field getting it's value from a DropDown list

Hello All

I’ve created a new module for Rental Options with records such as 10% over 24 months. The module only has 14 such records.

I also added 14 additional items to quote_term_dom which is the AOS_Quotes payment terms dropdown list. I made sure the Name and Label are identical and precisely the same as the Name in the RentalOptions module, so that no additional lookup logic is required.

I then created a 1-M relationship between RentalOptions (Primary) and Quotes (Related). This automatically created the rental_options_c field of type Relate in Quotes.

How do I now tie this rental_options_c field to the term (Payment Terms) field? I cannot define the same field as both Relate and Dropdown?

I’ve searched this Forum for related posts, but most refer to populating the Dropdown, eg How to make related field as Dropdown list in Suite CRM 7

Please check this thread for some ideas:


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