Relate field unable to mass update

Hi, I followed this link

as well as this link

To make certain fields mass updateable.

My custom field in the Leads module, Associated Customer, is a relate field and even adding this line to sugarfield_associatedcustomer_c.php

$dictionary ['Lead']['fields']['associatedcustomer_c']['massupdate']=1;

It still isnt showing up to be mass updateable in Studio, I got this to work with other fields(not relate ones), so Im not sure why this is not working with this particular Relate field



I have the same issue,
Is any possible fix?

I do not believe you can Mass Update related fields. Only certain field types are mass updateable like dropdowns…

By default, SugarCRM CE 6.5 (and also SuiteCRM ) allow to Mass Update only fields of Data Types :

  • Checkbox.
  • Datetime.
  • Date.
  • DropDown.
  • Dynamic DropDown.
  • Integer.
  • Multiple Selection.
  • Radio.

But Checkbox and Integer not showing mass update from Studio.

I think these two datatype also not support massupdate from CRM.

Is their any possibility from adding code customization relate datatype also working as mass update ?

You are correct, there are only a limited number of field types that support mass update. There may be some more types that are also not supported in SuiteCRM, I pulled the list from SugarCRM CE documentation.

You can always hire a developer to customize the code for you, anything is possible with enough time and money and a skilled developer. Personally, what I do is create a workflow to update relationship fields and/or if that’s not possible, export to CSV and update the records in Excel and re-upload for a mass update for fields that aren’t supported.

Thank you for your response.
My simple question is that can we write the customize code that suitecrm user mass update from software only not depend on Administrator for mass update because administrator mass update the relate field from code only, if again they want for update fields value then they again come to the administrator for the update. Is their any possibilities for using software.

None specifically that I know of, you should check out the SuiteCRM store. However, if the updates are repetitive or definable this software from @pgr may do the trick: Power Workflows SuiteCRM Add-On – SuiteCRM In-depth – pgorod's collection of articles on SuiteCRM