Relate Activities (Calls/Meetings/Tasks/Notes) to both Accounts & Opportunities

Hi Team, @pgr @diligent

I would need to relate Activities to Account & Opportunity simultaneously.

ATM If we relate any Activity to Opportunity , we were not able to relate it to Account simultaneously.

Can you please help me on how to achieve this?

Thanks in advance for your help


Hey all ,

Can anybody help with the suggestions


you could work with an additional relationship (e.g. accounts <-> tasks) and either populate both relationships manually (opp <-> tasks and acc <-> tasks) or you do a hook/workflow to relate the task to the opp’s account too (“when selecting an opp within a task, relate the respective account too”).
Downside: if done manually, users need to keep this in mind and actually do the second step.

Second option: you could create an artificial subpanel on the accounts DetailView. This subpanel is populated with a query and first retrieves all opps of the account and from them the related tasks.

Downside for both options: a second subpanel for tasks will be created (“tasks from opportunities”) which is not automatically merged with the activity-/history-subpanel.

Thats why I would first try something else: both the activity and the history subpanel work much like the described artificial subpanel. Try to find the queries that populate these subpanels, and union the missing tasks from there.