Reinstall with existing databse

Need an advice here: I have a SuiteCRM site that was deployed several years ago , initially as SugarCRM , upgraded to SuiteCRM , installing every consecutive version of SuiteCRM and now running 7.9.9.
I had strange problems while trying to build a new module or even edit drop down fields: Ajax errors, and pages crashes.

I was wondering if there is a way to do a fresh install of 7.9.9 while using existing database?
Would this help address my problems?

I’d appreciate any input of this.

If you have a 7.9.9 database, and move it to a fresh install of 7.9.9, it should work fine.

You have to consider how you will move your customizations,normally this only requires moving the custom directory and rebuilding.

(Let’s hope your current problem isn’t coming from that directory, otherwise you will migrate your problem too!)

Of course, try this in a test environment first, sometimes the migration requires some extra work troubleshooting.