Reimagining SuiteCRM Installation Pre-Requisites documentation

i’m getting reacquainted with suitecrm after a long absence

i downloaded SuiteCRM 7.10.32 LTS

i unzipped it -

how do i install it?

why i look at # Downloading & Installing in particular the SuiteCRM Installation Pre-Requisites section

and do i find?


you want people to take suitecrm seriously?

they’re not when they see this documention

the advantage salesforce and others like it have over suitecrm is the profit motive - they pay people to work on documentation - it’s part of their marketing - it’s easier to get people to use their product even when it costs more

i’m using a LTS version because i want as few headaches as possible

but to run into CRAP SuiteCRM Installation Pre-Requisites i was thinking i must be out of my mind…

but i had used suitecrm before with great success and i don’t like spending money when i don’t have to

so i decided to write my own set of pre-requisites…

so with help from john moran, my research and doing a test install on win10/wampserver i’ve come up with my own version of SuiteCRM Installation Pre-Requisites

this link is to my version - i offer it up for your review and criticism - maybe use all or part of it in the official doc?

Thanks for putting up a nice installation tutorial for installing SuiteCRM via CPanel.

One of the difficulties of writing documentation for the installs is that the experience varies greatly depending on OS, on hosting type, on the type of panel the hosting offers…

if you are using SuiteCRM on a shared server then you need to use the security option:

Use a Custom Session Directory for SuiteCRM

in the Site Security section of:

Step 2 of 2 - Configuration of the SuiteCRM installation

to my version of:

SuiteCRM Installation Pre-Requisites

i’ve added a section on the need to add a directory for session data outside of public_html and the directory for your SuiteCRM instance

here is a link to that page as it stands now: