Regular user cannot see or update case threads

My regular user that has a role and security group assigned to it cannot read or write to a case thread. It was working and then all of a sudden stopped. When I open a case assigned to my user it give me a “Error occurred while retrieving records.”

I have ran the “Repair Roles” job and the " Quick Repair and Rebuild" job with the same results.

Running Docker Bitnami SuiteCRM8.

My adminstrator users as I tested with 2, both can access the case thread module and send emails successfully so this is some sort of permissions issue.

Regular User - see error and messages in case thread don’t load when compared to the next screen as an Admin

Admin User - tested with 2 admins see in thread (user / manager users)

Can you share the access matrix for your normal user. That might help better understand what problem is occuring

I created a new role and security group with only “Case” enabled and things are working again.

orginal role

new role that is working

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So basically since you disabled access to case updates in the first role that was causing the error.
If you keep the permission of case updates enabled the first one will work too

Hi @cmiller

You will need to adjust the user’s access rights. If you are using the default roles in SuiteCRM, you can go to the Role Detail view for the user’s Role and adjust the access rights for the Case module. Make sure to set the access type to “Read Only” and then save the changes. This should allow the user to view the Case threads, but not edit them.