Regular User, blank page after logging in, and redirecting to the dashboard

Seems to be an issue with OAuthToken class while the user logs in.

This issue does not show up for Administrator users.


Hi there,

There are some bug fixes for social/OAuth that will be released in the upcoming bug fix release, if you can specify the exact issues and errors we can investigate.




We are tracking the log in mechanism to find out what is pulling that object, but still many dots to connect.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class OAuthToken in custom\include\social\twitter\twitter_auth\twitteroauth\OAuth.php on line 27

Hi there,

Yep, that’s the error that has been fixed in the latest version(7.1.2) which is immenent for release!



Oddly, there are two OAuthToken classes:


 * OAuth token
class OAuthToken extends SugarBean


class OAuthToken {
  // access tokens and request tokens

As non-custom code takes precedence, that seems to be why the blank screen issue disappears if the former class is renamed or just wiped out. What must be addressed, then, is if any functions are affected after such a change.