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I am new to suite crm. I created Custom module and created menu for that but when i do quick repair. the menu file deleting automatically. Any one help on this

Here is my code in custom/modules/ssrs_Ssrs_reports/Ext/Menus/menu.ext.php

global $current_user;
global $mod_strings, $app_strings;
$module_menu = array();

// Each index of module_menu must be an array of:
// the link url, display text for the link, and the icon name.

	if(ACLController::checkAccess('ssrs_Ssrs_reports', 'list', true)) {
		$module_menu[0]=Array("index.php?module=ssrs_Ssrs_reports&action=test", $mod_strings['PIPELINE_DETAIL'],  'ssrs_Ssrs_reports');
		$module_menu[1]=Array("index.php?module=ssrs_Ssrs_reports&action=opportunity", $mod_strings['PIPELINE_SUMMARY'],  'ssrs_Ssrs_reports');




defined in language file


Please always state your SuiteCRM version.

You can put your code inside the forum’s code tags, that way the brackets don’t get stripped. I did that for you this time.

You’re customizing a file that is built automatically by SuiteCRM from other files. So, basically, you’re customizing in the wrong place. You need to find out exactly where this content is coming from and change it there.

I’m afraid I don’t know specifically where that is, for this sort of customization - unless somebody else can help, you’ll have to dig into the Developer Guide and try and find out.

Try it in custom/Extension/modules/ssrs_Ssrs_reports/Ext/Menus/

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