refreshing detail view when in subpanel a entry has changed

I have the demand that when I create an item in a certain subpanel the detail view should be refreshed in suiteCRM 7.10.5 .
I’ve tried to set ‘refresh_page’=>1, in the layoutdefs of relationship which does nothing.

Any Idea how I can solve this in an upgradesave way?

I asked Jim Mackin (who wrote the Developer Guide) and he said

The Security Groups subpanel definition in accounts has an example of this out of the box
In the subpanel definition you can add “refresh_page” => 1,

I see that you were already on to this property (I didn’t know about it). Maybe checking with the SecurityGroups example might help you figure out if some detail is wrong in your code?

root@SuiteCRM /var/www/html $ see refresh_page | grep -i security

/var/www/html/modules/SecurityGroups/javascript/popup_relate.js:48:     var refresh_page = escape(passthru_data['refresh_page']);
/var/www/html/modules/SecurityGroups/javascript/popup_relate.js:73:     if(refresh_page == 1){
/var/www/html/modules/SecurityGroups/AssignGroups.php:106:      open_popup("SecurityGroups",600,400,"",true,true,{"call_back_function":"securitysuite_set_return_and_save_background","form_name":"DetailView","field_to_name_array":{"id":"subpanel_id"},"passthru_data":{"module":"$module","record":"$record_id","child_field":"$rel_name","return_url":"","link_field_name":"$rel_name","module_name":"$rel_name","refresh_page":"1"}},"MultiSelect",true);
/var/www/html/modules/SecurityGroups/metadata/subpaneldefs.php:33:                      'refresh_page'=>1,
/var/www/html/modules/SecurityGroups/metadata/subpaneldefs.php:49:                      'refresh_page'=>1,
/var/www/html/modules/SecurityGroups/metadata/subpanels/ForUsers.php:53:            'refresh_page'=>true,
/var/www/html/modules/SecurityGroups/metadata/subpanels/admin.php:32:                   'refresh_page'=>true,
/var/www/html/modules/SecurityGroups/metadata/subpanels/default.php:27:                 //'refresh_page'=>true,

Note that there seem to be other JS elements, not just the layout defs…


The problem is that security groups are not created, they are selected via popup window. In the popup function there is the refresh_page processed.

But when do a “create” an entry, it is not refreshed.

regards Robert