Refresh list view

Hello everyone ,
I have a list view which contains the list of objectives for each buyers (users)

In this list, there are a number of contracts signed fields, which is automatically calculated based on the status of the contracts,

My need is:
when refresh the list view (without being forced to change each record, and then save), I get the total number of actual contracts signed, in each DEPT

Thank u for help

Can you describe more? I have partially understood your question. But it would be nice if you can explain what are your needs. It will help us to answer the queries

I will quote management rules:
-There Are two types of users:
The group leader -GL- (managing two or more buyers)
The buyer: manages and processes the contracts of one or more departments
-Each Year, the GL met the objectives of its buyers,
-I have a module that is named ‘buyers objectives’, in which the GL for the fixed objectives (ie the number of contracts to sign, by department and year) for each of its buyers

  • The profile targets is as follows:

Field Number of contracts signed: is calculated automatically, this number represents the number of contracts whose( status == signed AND the name of DEPT == the selected department name AND the year of signing the contract == the annual entry period.

My need
The column ‘Number of contracts signed’ in the list view, should be updated automatically after each refresh the list view page.

You can use process_record logic hook, Check the usage

I tried with AFTER_SAVE hook logic, it works for me, except that here it is not practical
The problem I encounter is that, how will I know the id of the record, that I updates the number of contracts signed

On the process_record hook, You will get the id or bean for each record. Based on that you can calculate the number of contracts signed and show.