Refresh fields through logic hook?

When a new lead is added a bunch of changes take place. I was wondering if there’s a way to refresh fields automatically through the logic hook.

Example when I add a new lead, it will change the status field and another sub-panel field, but I need to refresh the page in order to see the changes.

Things that happen in after_save logic hooks and Workflows are not happening on the screen, but rather in the back-end.

To have things changing on screen, without refresh, you need some Javacript, and probably some AJAX. So look for posts explaining how to inject Javascript into views.

Thank you. I did read a few posts about injecting custom JS, but I’m not sure how to tie a change invoked by a logic hook to a firing of custom JS. Do you have a high-level overview of how this might work?

I’ve seen some references to how this can be done in sugarcrm (later versions) by putting a “listener” on a subpanel and when that subpanel is updated then it also updates a few other fields at the same time.

Answer is here:

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