Refer - still a bug (reported) after 2.5 years

Hi there.

Please refer :

This has been reported (a year ago) on the github repoitory. No movement. The functionality is so fundamentally broken, I cannot even start to see where the issue lies.

I know this is an open source application, but when I last checked, open source did not mean “we can let bugs lie for 2.5 years and push them forward over multiple releases.”

Really guys.

I am not surprised that SalesAgility can’t handle everything this project asks for. I think it is a natural consequence of their size, their business model, and the project’s size and reach.

What I do think is missing is more companies offering fixes for “their” own bugs, the things they feel the need for. This fix here sounds like it’s two or three hours of work by a developer. Surely a company that saved thousands in licenses and development by downloading a huge free-forever app, can invest $100-$200 in fixing a bug and contributing it to the community? They can even go on sites like UpWork and hire externally.

Of course, this implies an act of faith on my part that SalesAgility is getting better at merging other people’s contributions, which hasn’t been the case in the past. I see their processes improving, the automated tests going into place, etc. I know other people here are skeptical, but I am optimistic.