Redirection loop on fresh install

SuiteCRM version: 7.11.15
OS: Linux 4.0.6
php: 7.2

I’ve run into a weird bug when installing fresh version of suitecrm.
After the installation when I go to suitecrm page I get the redirection loop error.
I’ve tried clearing my cache on my web browser and in suitecrm to no avail.

When I install suitecrm on localhost it works fine. I tried copying it from there and change relevant info in config.php and got the same error. We are running older version of suitecrm on our server and it works fine, we just have a problem with the new one.

Any help or hint to a possible cause would be greatly appreciated.

This is a new one to me, if the 2 fixes below don’t work try ensuring your document route in both php.ini and Apache is set correctly to the root folder of CRM or the correct rerouting is setup for more complete setups

Attempt 1
Do you get to the login page?, if so, login and no matter where you are directed to, after redirection go to

and allow for the .htaccess to rebuild.

Attempt 2
If you aren’t able to login go to the root folder and rename the .htaccess (Something like old.htaccess will do) and set permissions.

Then load up the CRM, if you gain access and the redirect no longer happens again go to

to rebuild the .htaccess file

Thanks for answer!
Unfortunately rebuilding the .htaccess didn’t help.But I did notice that when .htaccess doesn’t exist site works normally. with link But when it’s created by crm the redirection loop happens. It can be avoided by just using url: but I would like if that wasn’t prenament the solution.
I’d try to dig around .htaccess file and try to fix it, but I don’t have any knowledge about this extension.

@Krzyffo Could you PM me the contents of the .htaccess file? Could be a faulty redirect