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Recurring tasks

I would love to see the ability to set a task to recur at specific intervals such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly , bi-annually and annually and/or choose a specific date/day. (similar to how google calendar does it, but as a task, not a calendared event.)

I have attempted to do this via workflow, but cannot seem to wrap my head around it.

This would save many of us loads of time as we integrate new habits into our daily routines without having to re-create those tasks on a daily/regular basis.

Hi there,

Thanks for the suggestion.


I have the same problem… :frowning:

Do you any suggestion / evolution on this subject, Will?
Thank you.

We started using SugarCRM January 2015.
We moved from GoldMine (1995 installation) to SuiteCRM 7.1.4.
First request from users is exactly recurring tasks.

We found the calls have recurrence but people don’t want to mess their call list.

We also need task recurrence.

+1 from me

I currently do this via workflow by adding a dropdown menu called “frequency” that has the choices of : daily, weekly, 14 days, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and annually.

I then set the workflow to something like “if the recurrence field equals this, then create new task (or modify task depending on if you need to keep a history of completed tasks) with the date completed + 1 day”
“if the Blank is closed/skipped (I added skipped to my status dropdown) and recurrence field equals this, then create new task (or modify task depending on if you need to keep a history of completed tasks) with the date completed/closed + 7 days” Etc.

This way, it only shows up in my task list IF I have already completed/closed/skipped one occurrence (I really do not need to see it populate tasks for perpetuity, just a reminder the next time it needs to be done). But keeps the record of what ones have been completed and which have been skipped for my records.

So far, it seems to be working but I have only two tasks that need to recur at the moment.

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Looking at this as an option. Are you saying that you add a field the ‘frequency’ field to Tasks?

Then in WorkFlow you use that field as a Condition?

Where do you set the +7 days? I don’t see that.

Also, can you make this recur more than once?



I also want to achieve such functionality in suitecrm where we can perform operation (mail send) repeatedly at specifice interval.

Please provide any way you have used or idea for it?

+1 I think reoccuring emails by specifying interval and time is important. Would be valuable to add.

2 years and 5 months later I found your post and followed your advice and I have recurring tasks working, except…

When I mark a task as completed and set a recurring frequency, the completed task does not appear under history, even though the workflow is set to create a new record and not modify the existing.

I set no recurring frequency to a task then the task is moved to history on completion, suggesting the workflow is the issue.


Bump - can anyone suggest why recurring tasks created via workflows are not moved to history upon completion? No reason why they should not be.

+1 for this standard functionality!

In case anyone still needs help with this, I have managed to create recurring tasks via the workflow and they are working very well.

I have included screenshots of what Condition settings and Action settings I have used.

Before setting up the workflow, you need to create the drop down options you want to use in the Studio from the admin area. I setup the options of Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly, BiAnnually, Annualy & 2 Years.

After that you can configure the workflow like the attachments. You will need to create the first workflow and then you can duplicate it for each new one and just change the due date settings and match the fields to the timing you want.

Eg: Due Date for weekly is + 7 Days but Due Date for BiAnnually would be + 6 Months.

The attached settings will create and show a single task (and repeat it as per the settings) once the task is closed. The workflow is triggered by the closure of the task, this way you have a focused task list to work on.

It will also create the new task including the ‘Assigned To’ and other fields fro the original task.

Hope this helps someone else.

The one thing I cannot work out how to do is: The original task can be ‘Related To’ a Project or Account name, but I cannot find the ‘Related To’ field in the workflow settings to assign the repeated task to a Project or Account Name.

Love to hear if anyone knows how to do this last step.


Thank you

SuiteCRM 7.10.2, Debian 8, MySQL, PHP7.0

wazdot, thanks for the time taken to build the workflow!

Now its my time to try to help you.

To "copy the “Relate to” information we need to add this fields to the workflow

Contact Name
Parent ID
Parent Type

On this order … i got the ideia that if you change order it might fail (I don’t have time to test)

See images:


Recurring with Work flow its work, but i still need more help, how can i make the Recurring only between to dates, or create number of task,
Example if its monthly we need to calculate the number of month between 2 days and create number of task according to that.

I need your help in creating this work flow