recreate id fileds

Hi to all,
my needs is to sync accounts data from my erp source to SuiteCRM.

So i’ve estabilihed an odbc connection and i qoul dlike to import / update data into the Suite table.

The only problem is that i need to generate id column in Suite style.

I’ve seen that is a ong varchar.

Couls someone explain me how is generate from Sute?

Thank you

Hi Rainolf,

You should use web service of SuiteCRM to sync ERP accounts.

Thank you
Could you point me on a right direction on that?

Any document or guide …?



Have a look at

Thank you,
and what about performance?

I need to create / update 140.000 Accounts records every night.

Hi Rainolf,

I suggested to go for webservice because it will ensure all logic and process which are applying for Account while recreating records in CRM,
will also apply when you do sync. If it do not bother you, then you can go for query but in future it can be a issue.

You can generate 36 character log id via code. Have a look at create_guid method of file - include\utils.php

Number is big but I think it is manageable.

You can run script for bunch of records. Say 1000 record for each process.
You have to ensure about memory limits and script execution time.

If you are using SOAP then you can do call for 2-3 requests parallel.

You can also filter your records which can give you - actual records - which you need to update / create.

I have suggested you based on my experience for such task. It is advisable to test your script thoroughly for performance.


Thanks again,
based on your answer i’m addressed to use REST API.


I’m doing some tests.

The result is that looping and creating records recursivelly with a rest api call every insert does not stop the php execution


doing a massive insert could stops.

Based on your experience could you please suggest me the right way.

I guess that, in the first case, my execution time will be considerabily increased.

Thank you