Record migration to new database

Ok, what I am trying to accomplish is to migrate all records from one SuiteCRM Version 7.8.6 to Suitecrm Version 7.10.7. Can anyone tell me what would be the best approach to migrate everything ?

The records I wish to move are accounts, cases and all related records like emails related to cases, notes on the cases and all records from all modules that have relationships with the two main modules.
Exporting each module records and then re-importing and matching fields in the new db works for the import part but, no relationships are created between
Both servers are running on linux (ubuntu for 7.8.6 and centos7 for the latest) and mysql (mariabd on centos)

What would be the best approach in this case?

Why don’t you take a full backup of the source machine instance of SuiteCRM (db and files) and clone it to the target machine and then upgrade to the new desired version?

If this approach is fine I can give you more detailed instructions on how to proceed. It should take you around 15/30 minutes in total.

hi Amariussi,

To do a db dump and migrate to a new server… that I can do ! Reason why I don’t want a clone is that the old db is 5gb in size, and growing 200mb/day easy … that is without any new records added to the db… something is wrong with that CRM instance and I don’t have the time to debug as I should !
I have Fields audited for all records and modules , that might be a reason, but, as no records are added/modified there should be no reason why the db grows this fast !
I just want a new instance as now I have will have a bit more time to maintain!

is there any way to get all records related to an account , including all emails in the email module and all attachments (I will move the upload folder myself)?

If it grows so much, hwat are the tables growing? You should be able to find some way to stop it from growing in an uncontrolled way.

Otherwise you have to study all the tables and build some custom export and import queries so that you don’t miss anything. Then you have to recreate all your customisations. and test it.

Obviously this is very feasible, but I am not sure whether it’s the best solution. If I were you, before proceeding with the migration solution, I would invest a little time trying to understand how to stop the db from growing, what data can be removed safely from the db and write a few (very simple) queries and scripts in helping you monitor this for the future.

If your database grows in an uncontrolled way then you can migrate your database’s tables so that you can keep control of your data. If you are not able to do so contact data recovery Dubai which help you to data recovery Dubaimigrate to the new database. In this case, your data won’t be lost and backup also available.

Hi Nathan,
I am not concerned about the data … I have all needed data in another in-house build solution, SuiteCRM is great for what we need until my solution is fully featured.
@amariussi unfortunately I have no time to do any testing or debugging. I have the new setup ready and working so debugging is useless … I am sure something is wrong either with the workflow module or e-mail module (my setup not the modules themselves).
The main problem I am facing is migrating the Case.Comments Case.Notes Case.History and Profile.History everything else is sorted as the import function for the accounts and cases is working as expected. I really think the export function should export everything related to that record or have a way of selecting what to export.
Any way of building an SQL query that would get all the records needed? On the Sugar documentation I found the following for exporting all e-mails or related to a module:

SELECT, as Email_Subject, txt.description as Email_Text, emails.date_sent, 
txt.from_addr as From_Email_Address, txt.to_addrs as To_Email_Address, 
GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT bean.bean_module SEPARATOR ',') as Module_Attached_To , 
COUNT(DISTINCT bean.bean_module) as NumOfModulesAttached
FROM emails_text txt
INNER JOIN emails_beans bean ON txt.email_id = bean.email_id
INNER JOIN emails ON txt.email_id
ORDER BY emails.date_sent DESC

I suggest that you have a look at the SugarCRM Database schema help you build your query:

However keep in mind that, although SuiteCRM is based on SugarCRM, it is not the same so you should then try to understand if there are differences in the tables involved.

That’s probably what I will have to do … Time constraints made me ask first as I am 100% sure this has been asked before and the core team could easily help the community when it comes to migrating full data. But then again, I get it why they don’t !
The schema will probably be the way to go … now if only we had a SuiteCRM schema so we can easily compare … If …

Hey asuitecrm

Pgr has generated such a thing:

Its not fully spec-ed out but hopefully it will give you a head start on this comparison.

Thanks Samus! That helps allot !!!

BTW… I figured out why the DB is growing like crazy! It was a workflow setup by me to modify a record and run as “Always” instead of on “Save” as I wrongly assumed that the “Save” was to “Run workflow when I save the workflow”! 5 million records for one case… time to delete the table contents:))

Probably I have other issue to …but will figure them out …

You can use 3rd party service Data2CRM to migrate all data with saved relations between records.
See what modules can be transferred from SuiteCRM to another edition automatically. Custom migration mode is available for advanced possibilities.
Hope, it helps.