Record Matching

Is is possible to have an automatic matching of records captured in different modules. It would be similar to duplicate management but not exactly the same,

I for example want to match a record of a client opportunity that is Selling shares, to a similar one that wants to Buy shares. to clarify further see example below

Opportunity 1: A client wants to sell shares in the organisation (this already exists in the system)
When a different client captures Opportunity 2 (looking to but shares in any organisation) on Save the system searches based on some search configuration and presents results as a normal search would.

Create a search filter for a Opportunities Module
Automatically(schedule somehow) to have the filter run after Save of every new Opportunity record.

Is that possible? If so how do I go about doing it. Please keep in mind Im not very technical.

Anything can be done, but I’m guessing your requirements are sufficiently complex to need implementation in code.

Without code… you might try something with Reports, perhaps. Like listing Opportunities grouped by Organization, with count per group. Then manually inspecting each Organization with more than one Opportunity, to see if it’s a selling opp + a buying opp. But this would be quite rudimentary.