Record Creation Event In Workflow Module

Can I create a workflow based upon an new record being created? Not sure if I’m missing something here or it is not an exposed event.


Hi Scott,

Yes you can perform a workflow to do this. Such as sending an email to someone when a new lead is created.

How are you trying to do this/can you send a screenshot?




Since I do not see an even/condition such as (OnNewRecord()) , I guess the algorithm would be something like this to detect a new record would be something like this:

When selected the Leeds Modules

Condition Trigger

When ( (Data Created >= Starting Date) And (Date Created <= Now) )

 { Perform Action }

end When

On a related question concerning actual execution of a workflow:

Does a workflow run as a true asynchronous database trigger or is it a one time event within the scheduler. In other words, I would like this to run all the time based on the AOW job’s frequency in the scheduler. If I set the workflow as “recurring” do I need then to set some sort of sentinel/flag in each record to prevent it being processed again during the next scheduled run.


I believe if you uncheck the repeated runs box, it only performs your action once on the specific event.