Recommended php.ini setttings?

Just wondering what the recommended php.ini settings is for:

  • max_execution_time
  • max_input_time
  • max_input_vars

Especially during upgrade vs normal operations.
Thank you.
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Hello ,
Here are the list of pre requisites for SuiteCRM Upgrade

Thanks but that doesn’t really answer my question:

  • Set post_max_size to at least 60MB
  • Set upload_max_filesize settings to at least 60MB
  • Set max_input_time to a large number
  • Set memory_limit to 256MB

I was asking for the more exact numbers of:

  • max_execution_time
  • max_input_time
  • max_input_vars
    when 1) running normal operations and 2) when upgrading.
    The upgrade documentation and the installation documentation doesn’t really specify this. I also want to know the recommend because of the security standpoint.

Thanks again.

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I would split it a bit further

1) running normal operations and
2) when upgrading.
3) when upgrading while we’re still fighting the upgrader bugs (should be solved in this release, with 85% of effects already effective, and 100% in the next upgrade.


  • max_input_vars: I normally don’t change this. If it starts to error out in some case (and the log messages will tell you that specfiically), increase it. I have only seen it happen for people who add tons of fields into a single screen - typically bad database design from people who don’t understand how to abstract and link related modules.

  • max_execution_time I’d say 60 secs should be enough - but use more for situation 3), as needed until it doesn’t timeout.

  • max_input_time I normally don’t change this

Other than that, I don’t think special settings should be necessary to differentiate situations 1) and 2).

Thanks a bunch @pgr

So what is the normal value you usually use on:

  • max_input_time
  • max_input_vars

The defaults for PHP 7.3 on Ubuntu, 60 and 1000

Alright, thanks a bunch for your help! :smiley: :ok_hand: