Recently Viewed (Sidebar) - Limit results to ONLY Account Names

In the recently viewed sidebar, it lists any module etc… that was “recently viewed.” However, I would like to ONLY have the recently viewed ACCOUNTS in the list.

How do I do that?

Thanks in advance

Not exactly what you’re asking, but do you know that first top menu item, the dropdown that changes dynamically according to the module you’re currently at?

That dynamic menu includes a “recently viewed” of items only from that module.

About what you’re asking (which I believe is the sidebar, and you want it on every module) maybe something could be done in


around line 800 which starts the “recently viewed” block with <div id="recentlyViewedSidebar" class="recentlyViewedSidebar"> - this applies to desktop view, but the same file includes (rather duplicated) code for mobile also.

I played around with $item.module_name in the if but it didn’t work. I gave up after 10 minutes… :man_shrugging: maybe you’ll have better luck (or more motivation)

Thanks, I changed it once before to do what I want (have the sidebar recently viewed displaying only account names), albeit lost the custom code along the way.