Recently Viewed - Changing the number of results?

How can I change the number of Recently Viewed on the left side bar? I’m using SuitePImproved theme is that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance.

BUMP - I’d also like to increase the number of “Recently Viewed” items from 5 to 10.

OK, I figured it out. You need to make a change to the code directly.

Open the file at /themes/SuiteP/tpls/_headerModuleList.tpl
Find line 813 which reads:

{if $smarty.foreach.lastViewed.index < 5}

Replace ‘5’ with a number of your choice (I’m using 10).
Save the file, restart your Apache2 service and test to confirm everything is working.

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You could (should!) customize that file in an upgrade-safe manner using the usual system:

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Thanks for the tip. Do you have to recreate the folder structure too, or just create a copy of the custom file?

That’s written in the article I linked… :slight_smile:

Not to worry. I’ve tested this myself and, yes, you do need to recreate the folder structure in the “custom” folder.

And don’t forget to carry out the Repair & Rebuild operation afterwards.