Receive part payments for invoices

Hi all

Just wondering if there is any way of receiving partial payments and/or record credits against invoices. At the moment its either “paid” or “not paid” which is a bit too simplistic for most use cases I expect.



Hi Rob,

This isn’t currently available but would be a nice feature, thanks for the suggestion.


I need this too. Already available?

Payments module very important!

Yes, its difficult without it.

I was hoping to automatically send out reminders and account statements to clients, but there is currently no way to record payments against the invoices.


you can add to the dropdown status, partial payment status and create a new field for the amount of payment made

Payment Module will be awesome!

Including API to Paypal or any full service payment provider for eg. to be able to automate the marking as paid.

Related to payment, in many business I worked in, you need to send a “down payment invoice of 30%” (which starts the project).

It is a typical use case scenario, you send a quote of let say 10 000€.
Before starting the work you ask for “30% down payment”

Therefore the first thing you need is send a first invoice of 3 000€ (to start the job;) )
Then maybe at 50% of project 2 000€
And finally 5 000€ to close the opportunity


  1. Convert quote to invoice DONE
  2. Have in invoice an option : “down payment % :” = n % . Eventually next to “Add group”

Thanks for this incredible CRM you maintain :slight_smile: