Rebuild Schedulers task eliminates 7.1 Scheduled Jobs

Running this task seems to have reverted the Scheduled jobs to 7.0.x.

Looks like we lose the following:
Run AOW WorkFlow
AOP Check Inbound Mailboxes
Perform Lucene Index
Optimise AOD Index

Hi klou,

When you perform ‘Rebuild Schedulers’ it will revert the schedulers back to the default. This is standard SugarCRM/SuiteCRM behaviour.



Hi Will,

So, is this the desired defaults? That “Rebuild Schedulers (et al)” reverts back to SugarCE defaults, not necessarily SuiteCRM defaults?


I just got hit by this.

You guys really need to fix this.

Actually, the whole AOD thing is not nearly ready for production.

Unfortunately I just did this, trying to solve an issue with AOD jobs not running.
Now I have lost all mentioned scheduled jobs.

How do I restore all scheduled jobs?
Running SuiteCRM 7.2.1.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Also fell foul of this

How do I restore all the missing Suitecrm scheduled jobs please?
Manually I assume, but need to know the settings please


Perform Lucene Index | function::aodIndexUnindexed | 2015-01-01 to NULL | 0:0:::* | Run Missed tasks:No
Optimise AOD Index | function:aodOptimiseIndex | 2015-01-01 to NULL | 0:/3::: | Run Missed tasks:No
AOP Check Inbound Mailboxees | function::pollMonitoredInboxesAOP | 2015-01-01 to NULL | ::::* | Run Missed Tasks:No
Run AOW Workflow | function::processAOW_Workflow| 2015-01-01 to NULL | ::::* | Run Missed Tasks:Yes
Run Scheduled Reports | function::aorRunScheduledReports | 2015-01-01 to NULL | ::::* | Run Missed Tasks: Yes

Looks like this is in the queue for 7.2.2.

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