Reate case from mail

I would like to configure the system create case from mail, I did everything however if they send me an email the case is not created.

Could you please help me .

Thanks so much

Hey @Systemista.IT,

Welcome to the community :tada:

Could you please send a few screenshots of your configuration making sure to hide any confidential data :+1:

Thanks for you Support, see you have others request send me please.

Thank you Thank you

Wont be the cause but the second email template i believe should be case update not jooma account creation. You can configure that on the admin menu by via AOP options.

Sorry, i dont understand ,i change and configured the template the second mail but not fuction, it’s possible you send me the guide for configure this template or un example with detail for configuration?

Thank you @Mac-Rae

help me, not function

Hey @Systemista.IT,

Is there anything within your logs, SuiteCRM or PHP that looks interesting? Further do you have Cron setup and running?

Thanks for reply, no , see you send me all process for configure this function please ?

No, non so cosa sia Cron