Reassign WorkFlow Isn't Functioning Correctly

Below I have linked the provided instructions for what should be a rather simple yet functional “Assign & Schedule” & “Reassign” WorkFlows. After creating a new test lead, the “Assign & Schedule” WorkFlow works properly (to assign a lead automatically to users in a given role and to then send an email out to said user). At no point has the “Reassign” WorkFlow actually seem to reassign successfully despite me trying to work through and correct any potential hang-ups. Please help!

Assign & Reassign WorkFlows

Hey to confirm has the job ran at all. Jump into the workflow and check the bottom subpannel for runs and see what it says

It says that the “Assign & Schedule” WorkFlow has ran correctly for the test user I created for this, but the “Reassign” function hasn’t ran at all apparently.

Could you send screenshots of the action and condition panels please :+1:

I tried to upload the screen caps, but it wouldn’t let me on account of me being too new a user. Would it be possible for me to e-mail them to you?

P.S. Thanks again for the responses. I really appreciate the work you guys are putting in over here!

Could you try again as you should have sufficient permissions to do so now :+1:

Assign & Schedule WorkFlow:

Reschedule WorkFlow:

One issue that i see is that Leads Converted Field Might not Be NULL as you think it should be but By Default that field gets a value of “0” (if you check leads table in DB)
You might use following condition for Leads Converted

Good spot @cherub-chum, wonder how big a difference that’ll make. @RichCapital Let us know!

@Mac-Rae @cherub-chum Thanks for the tip. I was offline for a bit, but I got that plugged in. I’ll post to let everyone know if it works or not.

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