README for developers

Can we add some more information about getting the code up and running from source into either the README in root, or into CONTRIBUTING in .github or somewhere else?


I would think maybe a best option would be to add a docs/ directory to root and symlink some of those file from there. Searching in the .github directory is not immediately apparent.


may be a bit easier to find and digest.


Some things that I had a hard time finding or still haven’t found are

  • Build instructions (i.e. checkout, composer install,)
  • Style Build instructions (i.e.
./vendor/bin/pscss -f compressed themes/SuiteP/css/style.scss >  themes/SuiteP/css/style.css


  • Javascript build instractions, I still haven’t found what you guys are doing for the build step of your javascript files… not sure if it’s just the link in the “Repair” section of admin committed

You are right that available documentation is still insufficient. There are important steps just now being taken in terms of documentation. The wiki site is being updated, and a large chunk of “Developer Guide” material has been added weeks ago.

The next step is to add a guide like the one you mention - community contribution guide, deployment, development best practices, etc. I plan to contribute to that as soon as it is possible (the wiki hasn’t been opened up to the public yet).

So, “stay tuned” - and I will be glad to have your help when the time comes to contribute. Thanks.