Re-use campaign mail - suppression issue

Hello, I am trying to send the created campaign again with the changed text message. Since there is a feature that prevents sending emails to the same email addresses it seems that I have to create a new campaign every time when I want to send some emails to the same list of contacts.

Is there any way to re-use campaigning but for example with a different attachment? I need to send messages to my contacts with information almost every day and I am not able to find a solution that will avoid email addresses to be suppressed.

Within the same Campaign, you should be able to start a new “marketing id” to achieve that.

This appears in the “Marketing” stage of the Wizard as “Marketing Email Name”

Hi @JKB16 ,
as you can find, looking in this community forum for @pgr 's explainations about this topic,
you have to focus on the Marketing step

I can also post you the most syntetic guide i found about creating Email Campaigns:

In my case changing the Marketing Email Name in Marketing tab does not affect this issue and still no messages are being sent.

Which version are you working on?
Are you able to send test messages?
Have you added an optout tracker?

Version 7.12.6
After sending it once I am not able to do it again
The only tracker which messages have included is the tracker with the possibility to delete yourself from the subscription list - Is there some way to remove it?

if you remove it, SuiteCRM will add it a default one, because it tries to save you from anti-spam tools, so it’s better you to keep it so you can customize the way it looks like.

What do you have in your suitecrm.log or on PHP error_log?

suitecrm.log from admin panel does not receive any additional records or messages after running the campaign.

Maybe it has to be a “Newsletter” campaign to allow resending with a different marketing name?