Re-order "Display actions within menu" in activities sub-panel

Version 7.11.12
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

I want to modify the order that the Action Items display themselves in the hopes that it will modify the behavior of what is triggered when it is tapped on.

I have “Display actions within menus:” Selected so menus display in lieu of the row of buttons at the top of each sub-panel. This works no problem.

When viewing an Account, in the Activities sub-panel the top action listed and the default action in the menu is “Schedule Appointment” as indicated by the image below.
Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 3.03.47 PM

I attempted to modify the SubPanelView.php file in the Activities module but the reorder I attempted did not work as the order is the same. I did a quick repair after the code modification as well.

My ultimate hope is that I can get get the default action to be “Log Call” as opposed to the current “Schedule Appointment” if this is achievable without a reorder then please let me know. My goal is to make it easier for the sales team to scroll down in an account and hit the “Create Task” and log a call real quick. Sales people need stuff to be easy or they wont do it!

OK, looking a bit deeper here I was mistaken in the default action. There are 4 actions that can be displayed as buttons or a drop down. The first item is “Create Task”. I would like to switch this with the “Log Call” action. In the SubPanelView.php file I have swapped the two item per the code below but it does not render that way in the sub-panel. Clearly I am in the wrong place…

if ($currentModule != 'Project' && $currentModule != 'ProjectTask') {
    $button .= "<input title='".$current_module_strings['LBL_SCHEDULE_CALL_BUTTON_LABEL']."'  class='button' onclick=\"this.form.action.value='EditView';this.form.module.value='Calls'\" type='submit' name='button' value='".$current_module_strings['LBL_SCHEDULE_CALL_BUTTON_LABEL']."'>\n";

$button .= "<input title='".$current_module_strings['LBL_SCHEDULE_MEETING_BUTTON_TITLE']."'  class='button' onclick=\"this.form.action.value='EditView';this.form.module.value='Meetings'\" type='submit' name='button' value='".$current_module_strings['LBL_SCHEDULE_MEETING_BUTTON_LABEL']."'>\n";

$button .= "<input title='".$current_module_strings['LBL_NEW_TASK_BUTTON_TITLE']."'  class='button' onclick=\"this.form.action.value='EditView';this.form.module.value='Tasks'\" type='submit' name='button' value='".$current_module_strings['LBL_NEW_TASK_BUTTON_LABEL']."'>\n";

$button .= "<input title='".$app_strings['LBL_COMPOSE_EMAIL_BUTTON_TITLE']."'  class='button' onclick=\"this.form.type.value='out';this.form.action.value='EditView';this.form.module.value='Emails';\" type='submit' name='button' value='".$app_strings['LBL_COMPOSE_EMAIL_BUTTON_LABEL']."'>\n";