RE: Multiple Group Names in Quotes and Invoices not working

What I need to do:

  1. open a quote template with line items
  2. add a second and third ‘group’ (sometimes called ‘bundles’ elsewhere)
  3. have the groups add up
  4. have the grand totals work
  5. export to pdf template

In the quotes module itself, it works perfectly as per the attached screenshot:

However, when merging this quote to the pdf template, the individual groups are lost and everything is merged into one list of line items with a grand total. I need to break out category of costs on the quote like any normal quote presentation.

I see that the merge field for the group names, for example, is $aos_line_item_groups_name

I thought I could maybe create 3 individual tables (like the example template quote that comes with SCRM) but everything ‘breaks’ on the PDF as soon as I start entering new merge fields for a new ‘group’.


Any help appreciated. I was thinking maybe someone has overcome this with the WYSIWYG editor and could share their code for how to do this?


Maybe there is a bug with the handling of groups in PDF generation…

I wouldn’t dare going into that part of the app to fix it, I don’t know enough. I might try instead getting the HTML from the view and using it generate an HTML Quote without PDF generation (or generating the PDF afterwards, from the browser).