RE: How to delete custom search filter from "My Filters"

Good day
I’m just loving the 7.10.13 SCRM! Nice work my friends! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

So, I just discovered the power of saving a custom search filter and then finding it as a one click drop-down! So awesome. Nice.

However, after making one, I then went to remove it (it was a test) and… cannot figure out how.

I found the user-manual page for it here but as you can see it stops before showing how to delete what you just made.

I have discovered that these are unique to each user, so I went even into my user account profile looking for a way to delete / manage this list but cannot find.

Any help on this topic would be awesome.


if you open Search Page, and then Select a Filter and Delete It by the button.
I have mentioned it in the screenshot


Simply open the search page then choose a filter and delete it.

Amazing. Thanks!

It’s super easy but I still could not do it until I saw that screenshot, now it’s super obvious and simple. For anyone else who has this struggle here are the instructions above delivered in a way that works for my brain (not so good) as well as includes some other information that is a bit hard to figure out on your own:

  1. Each Module (ie. Quotes, Accounts, Leads) has it’s own custom search area so first go to the module where your custom ‘my filter’ is saved.

  2. From the ‘My Filters’ drop down menu, select the filter you wish to delete.

  3. Click the filter button beside it (looks like a funnel) and it will open the search menu

  4. Scroll to the bottom where you will see "Modify current filter: “YOUR FILTER NAME”. Underneath there are two options ‘update’ and ‘delete’.

  5. Press delete

I hope this step by step version helps someone else and many thanks to all of you above!

Absolutely counter-intuitive.
Very helpful this thread.