Re-creating Accounts-Contacts Relationship

Hello Everybody!

I’ve set up a secondary database through custom Accounts, Contacts, and Leads modules. While I’ve got all of this to work well, I can’t seem to accurately re-create the Accounts/Contracts relationship. I know that it’s a special one-many relationship that actually behaves like a a Many-to-many relationship in some ways. Currently, I have it as a standard 1-1, which works for the basic process of the system for the user, but doesn’t work for reporting or exports.

Basically, the "Account’ relate field in the contact module isn’t actually a relate field. It auto-populates as normal, but it’s not really relating to the account - as far as the system seems to care, it’s entirely cosmetic. Perfectly fine for users, but not for reports. How can I edit that relationship to be more accurate to the standard accounts/contacts relationship? Alternatively, it can be micky-moused if I create another relationship (many to many) and hide it, but use a logic-hook to auto-fill it (or something).

Any help? I feel like this shouldn’t be that difficult.

Thank you for your help!