Re-check condition in workflow

Hello guys, first of all thanks for this project it’s really helpful, i’m using the 7.0.2 version and is workig great and I have the next question:

I’ve created two workflows
1-) When X field is changed to “win” value, send “Y” email
2-) When X field is changed to “lost” value, send “T” email

Notice that both are same field “X” and both are working great but I have this problem, i.e if I change from “win” to “lost” I get the email, and then changed back to “win” I get the email but if I select “lost” again the workflow process stoped.

It’s like the same module entry can’t have a status more that once, and yes I’ve ticked the Repeated Runs: but this is spamming all the previous changes too

Any help?

Best Regards

Hi Mike,

As you discovered, repeated runs will run every minute effectively. AOW 2.0 which is being released with SuiteCRM 7.1 will be able to handle this scenario.



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