Rant (sort of) about the overpriced CRM plugins 💰

We been looking several times on the plugins in the SuiteCRM app store and one thing that strikes me is why is the plugins so extremely expensive, (comparing to other CRM system and their plugins/app extensions)?

For example one plugin for keeping your currencies live updated charges the insanely ridiculous price of $2000 per year and it really feels like a rip off.

This is something that easily could be implemented with a few lines of code (Hint hint SuiteCRM devs), and many currency exchanges offers free calls for live updates of currencies (and it certainly won’t cost you $2000 for a year).

We already use that totally for free with our invoicing app Invoice Ninja:

where you just connect it to a currency exchange API (which is free).

This case over really over priced plugins is of course not limit to this app but many others in the plugin store.

Sure; SuiteCRM is free if you chose to self host, but if one wish to extend functions through plugins the cost of ownership will fast go beyond the cost of the vanilla cloud hosted CRM apps even with additional purchased apps.

Due to the hefty prices it also seems counter productive as I think these plugin developers would sell way more if the prices were more reasonable.

We would definitely put some more dollars into the store if it wasn’t for these huge prices for example.

Thoughts? :thinking:
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Dear PowerQuest i’m sorry you’re having troubles finding unexpensive and powerful plugins on the SuiteCRM AppStore

I couldn’t express any judgement about prices other development companies decided to offer their services as we are one of them and i truly never do this kind of considerations: i’ve not a complete vision about the service i want to buy supplier management.

Anyway have you succeded to reach your goals?

Well my point is that if the prices were more reasonable you would probably actually buy stuff for your company.
(And SuiteCRM would probably make more money from the commission fees of the sales from the developers that sell their plugins there too).

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Pricing is I guess, set by those that have their plugin to sell.

But if you have found a cool solution to a specific problem:

Then it would great for the whole community if you could share that.
Not sure whether you’re a coder and would want to submit it to SalesAgility as a PR to add the feature: or use the ModuleBuilder or etc to build it and then share it here in the forum?

SuiteCRM thrives when everyone contributes what they can!

I know how to code for my daily use when needed, but not PHP on that level.

What I mentioned is just that it is possible to add a code that would use a currency exchange API , (which Invoice Ninja has done) + that most Currency Exchange API allows you to use them for free unless you exceed XYZ amounts for calls per day/month.

I guess one could took a look at how Invoice Ninja has done it in their code if you like as it is open source code.

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I can’t speak to all the plugins and their perceived value by you but I do know lots of hard work goes into making them.

Put an hourly price on your time and then multiply that by a week or three. The cost to build these plugins adds up quickly. That also assumes that someone would actually have a need for your plugin.

Keep in mind that it isn’t just the time to build the plugin but also the time it takes to support the plugin. As everyone knows there is always someone needing help with some aspect of it. No matter how easy it is to use, they always make a better idiot.

Let us not forget the education and experience that a programmer learned and or paid for. That programmer likely spent years learning their craft and or going to school. This also has value.

Let us not forget the equipment that is required. A person must have and maintain a computer and internet connection, web page, email address. etc.

I don’t complain to my mechanic when he charges me to change my breaks on my car, because it only requires the removal of a handful of bolts.

I believe that judgement should be reserved until you toss your hat into the ring and see how much effort it takes.

For your own need i think you can either Use the Existing Currency Exchange in SuiteCRM or develop some kind of update API for the currencies you are interested in.
The item you have mentioned, yes that is a crazy pricing model but we can not control that as its the vendors choice and we don’t know how much effort they have put in developing the plugin.

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Well SuiteCRM could have a policy towards the plugin shop so that prices are fair and not overpriced. That hurts the SuiteCRM eco model too. I fully agree and would like to pay for good software because the developers should be able to make money of course. If you look into other CRM’s where they use the plugin eco system you can find the same functions are much more reasonable pricing.
So why should companies use SuiteCRM then right? I’m sure you get my point. :wink:
But I’m all against going all greedy and overpricing.

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Power Question

No, but you will certainly complain when you know he rips you off.

And if you think 2000 USD for live currency updater plugin is fair price then let me know when you bought it. Here it is: Currency Controller | Pricing

I can already tell you now that it is a rip off.
You can these days get FX updates for a low price, even as low as at a free account level… and/or 8-12 bucks and up per month depending on your company’s needs…

As for the rest of your lecture about IT and development, thanks but I already know this.

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Power Question