Range search not working in Popup

The Contact search page that pops up when selecting Event delegates doesn’t show the range search. It’s just a displays a text box. It working fine in the quick/advanced filters though. Any way to enable this?

Looks like this question was unanswered a long time ago.


What do you mean by “Range search”? Can you add a screenshot of that search as it appears on the other screens?

Paste image here:


When adding an Integer field in Studio you can opt to "Enable Range Search: " by clicking the checkbox. I added “Rank” and this is what it looks like where it’s correct. The dropdown gives multiple logical operations like, greater than, less than etc. Pretty handy.


Hmm ok I just learned something new about SuiteCRM, thanks! :slight_smile:

But unfortunately I don’t know how to enable this in that search pop-up… you’d have to go search for the code driving that screen and edit it…