Ralationship: Custom Module to Calls -> Can`t assign Calls to custom module

Hello there,

can anyone help me?

1 to many relationship from Custom Module to Calls.

Releationship is shown as relationship in both modules but i can not assign a Call to the custom module.
All the standard modules are shown in the related to field in the dropdown but my custom module not.

Will be great to get this workin. :slight_smile:

Regrads :slight_smile:

post some screenshots of your relationships, did you run a Quick Build & Repair, also repair relationships?

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thanks for your Feedback.

I did a rebuild of the relations and a qucik repair.

Here are the Screenshots.

Will be really great to get this running. :slight_smile:



Oh, I see what’s going on, that’s a known bug for like 10 years or so. Go to Admin->Developer Tools->Dropdown Editor and search for the dom parent_type_display edit it and add a new row where the value is your module name bookr_buchungsanfragen and the display value is what ever that means hehehehe

then make a quick build and repair again and test

PD: you should really create relationships with Activities module, not just calls, this way sometimes works and other wont

best regards

Thank you for you Feedback.

What exacly do you mean by creating relationships via Activities Module? I haven`t a Activities Module in the Studio?

When i am adding the Module to the parent_type_display Dom the Value is added to the dropdown but when i select it and click on the arrow to select the entry i got the error message: Error: Module bookr_buchungsanfragen does not exist.

any ideas?

Thanks for your great help! :slight_smile:

Btw. I did a Quickrepair.

is that the correct name of your module? Activities is a group of modules (Calls, Notes, Tasks, Meetings and Email) when you create a new relationship with a custom module and the Activities module (this is visible only when creating the relation) you will get a relation between your custom module and all the modules in that group

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Its named “Buchungsanfragen”, i attached Screenshots.

I added the Realtion to the activities, thats perfect.

The relations are added successful.

But the Value was not automatically added to the parent_type_display DOM. I did this manually.

After i have done this the value is successful in the drop down but when i click on the arrow to select the error message was displayed.

Same when i try to relate tasks to “buchungsanfragen”.

Any idea? :slight_smile:

Here are the screenshots with the module displayed.

the name of you module is not the display value, you need to make sure you’re using the correct one, take a look at the name that’s in the modules folder in the web server

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Can i find the exact module name in suitecrm? Any place where it is written exacly like its named?

yes, in the URL of the browser you can check for the word module=XXXX that’s the system name of your module

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i think it is in the URL when i am within the module.

If its case sensitive i have the problem identified. :slight_smile:

OK i got it.

Its Case sensitive.

Thanks for your support! :slight_smile:

Are you a developer as well?

yes, but I’m not related to Sales Agility (owners of SuiteCRM), only helping the community

best regards

Alright, where can i contact you directly?

mikebeckpy a t gmail d o t com