Quotes module does not populate product lines with prices

It is my first day testing SuiteCRM and checking if it will “Suit” our needs.

The problem is: the Quotes module does not populate product lines with prices after selecting product.
When product line is selected, the description and part number are populated but in the price field it shows “-NaN,NaN” only. The prices are assigned for products.

What is the reason? How to solve it?

Please help!

screenshot attached

Hello to everyone!
Since this is still open for me, I just wanted to to bump it up. Any one can help with the above subject?


I don’t see the problem in my installation. Which version of SuiteCRM do you use?
Check console of browser that all js files of SuiteCRM loading correctly.

Apologies for the very belated reply and you may now have found the solution. We just found it for ourselves and so I thought for completeness that this would be sensible to close this down.

We had the exact same problem in version 8.2.4, the latest release.

If you create a product manually, then add it as a line item in a quote, it is fine.

However, all our imported products (900ish) did the NaN extension when adding them to a quote, even though the correct currency field was imported - or so it seems. Shows correctly with correct prices and UK Pound as the currency in our case, which is the default.

The simple solution was a workflow.

Because, for some reason, the imported products currency field does not appear to relate correctly or possibly at all to whatever it should be linked to. We didn’t have the time to do a deep dive but it must be that a relationship is missing on import. So, when you add the line in the quote, it can’t resolve the currency correctly, so calculations don’t work properly and it populates all monetary fields with the NaN.NaN result.

All we did was build a 1 line workflow on Products(the workflow function under Admin, in the Studio section) which just did a test for cost price not equal to zero and took an action to modify the product record currency field, putting the UK Pound into it from the drop down box that it presents. Really is very straightforward, no heavy technical knowledge required at all, although we would recommend that you at least back up your database before running, just as a precaution.

Save this as whatever you want to call it and once the cron has executed it (assuming your cron is running regularly) when the job is finished, it will show the results at the bottom of the workflow. Also in the scheduler, also in Admin, at the bottom of the Run Workflow Tasks job, it will show a successful execution.

All of your products will look the same as they did previously but whatever relationship was missing, will have been established.

Go into quotes and create one or edit an existing one and add a product that previously didn’t work and it should be fine and the same for all of them.

Ultimately, I think that this is more a fault of the import line items function, as it doesn’t do something that it should, however we didn’t have the time or patience to follow that through.

I hope you got your testing resolved successfully, as we find SuiteCRM to be excellent in all areas but there are odd annoying issues that seem to have you scratching your head and turn out to be trivial or without logic.