Quotes module and results not displaying in global search


If I do a global search for a specific quote number, I get zero results. However, if I do a search for a contact person, that is on the quote in question, I get search results. Additionally, when looking at those search results, I see results from the accounts module, contacts module, etc, but not the quotes module.

It just looks like the global search is not displaying anything from the quotes module. However, if I look in System Admin, Global Search, the quotes module is one of the enabled modules that is listed.

The lucene index and optimize AOD index schedulers are running properly. I have also performed a quick rebuild and repair.

What else can be checked?

Thank you!

Has anyone else had this issue? It seems to me that nothing is displaying from the quotes module, using the Global Search.

We have the same problem. We can search using the global/unified/advanced search for something like “John” and that will return results from the quotes module but if we search for something like 12345 which is a complete quote number it returns zero results. We’ve been looking all over the forums and can’t find anything about how to fix this. We’ve even started looking at the code to see if we can see why it’s not working… if we find something I’ll let you know.

You could try to add the following to custom/modules/AOS_Quotes/Ext/Vardefs/sugarfield_number.php:
If it doesn’t exist yet, just create the file.


Maybe that’ll solve your problem. But I guess you’ll have to wait till the index is build. Also do a repair & rebuild.


I am also having issues trying to return search results from the AOS_Products_Quotes module. Wondering if you ever did get any search results back from your quote search mission… :thinking:

time passed…10h

With more searching of the system (I previously enabled the search modules in the Admin–>Global Search

Then I tried to search and just kept on returning no results…

It wasn’t until I found this tiny little “Arrow Button” that allows you to actually see the result… :thinking:

after you drag this secondary enabler then the search works as designed!!

whoo hoo!!

Super old post revival that might help someone…

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