Quotes For Leads?

For Generating a Quote PDF, the Quotes module is binded with Contact and Account for sending out Quotes. That does make sense to send quotes to Contacts that are listed within CRM.
Usually businesses send quotes/proposals to Potential Leads and close the deal based on the quotation prices. Should there be a connection of Quotes with leads too in the OOTB CRM ?

I’ll take a look but was sure this was the case anyway? Not a dropdown relate field that lets you chose which module you wish to relate to first?

If this is not the case then yes I would agree that this would be nice to have

OOTB Leads are unqualified sales prospects and Contacts are qualified sales prospects or customers. Once a Lead has been qualified they are to be converted to Accounts, Contacts and an Opportunity which can be associated to quotes.

This can always be a hot topic as businesses will all have different sales processes and also need to factor in if you are B2B or B2C. You can architect SuiteCRM to have Quotes associated to Leads if it better suits your business process however OOTB it follows what I’ve outlined above.

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I like your idea of having a Flex Relate field that would allow users to Relate the record with What Event Parent they want, Just like the Tasks or Notes module. Leave the space for other businesses too.

Hey @cherub-chum,

Like @Dale said if you would prefer leads and quotes to be associated you can create a many to many relationship between leads and quotes which will in following with the same functionality of accounts and contacts add a subpannel named quotes which will let you related said records.