Quote Template Creation

Hi All,

New to suitecrm, really great. Hoping to get some help. I need to create a professional looking quote(or quote template) that we can send to clients. This is currently
done in excel, however i would like to do this within the suitecrm solution. I am getting something going, however not exactly getting where I need to.

Would anyone have any advice on which way to do so or any links on how to do so.

Thank you in advance.

Do you want this as an email, or as a PDF to attach to an email?

Well even as a PDF that can be attached would be perfect.

Well then, have a look at the PDF Templates module (in the “All” menu). You can make up your PDF with variables from the other modules. I am not very familiar with the Quotes module, though.

In every list view you have an option to “Generate letter” which then let’s you select a PDF Template.

A different thing (though similar) are Email Templates, which you would use to construct an email body (not an attachment).

Thanks pgr:

However I have tried using the PDF Template, I just cant seem to make it look profesional.

You have the option of inserting raw HTML, so you have quite a lot of control.

Maybe all you need is the help of a designer (or a friend that has the skills). In my experience a simple choice of elegant fonts and and one or two colors to add to the text, and well proportioned spacing, will go a long way to impress.

Since I can’t do it either, I often copy from someone who did it before!

Thanks pgr,

Will look into that!