Quote from Lead - almost there but stuck

I’ve managed to relate quotes to leads and I can now choose a lead to generate the quote to.

But it’s not pulling the lead info - first_name, last_name, all the primary address fields, etc.

I’ve tried adding these fields as a “relate” field to the quotes module, but that doesn’t work either.

I really don’t care if it shows on the screen, but I desperately need this in the generated pdf.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!


What do you mean? Where is you pulling the lead info?

Thank you for replying - sorry I was MIA while hospitalized. Trying to get back into this now!
I modified the PDF template so I could bring fields from LEADS into the quote - I’ve related Leads module to Quotes module but it doesn’t seem that’s enough.
The “prepared for” fields in the sample pdf are like this:
But I need to use LEAD data, not account data.
So I tried:

But instead of pulling in the lead data, this is simply printing the field names on the pdf exactly as above.
I feel that either what I’m trying to do is not possible (quote to lead)
I’m missing a step in relating leads fields to quotes fields.

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Sympathize with you.
Do you want this combination?

OMG I started there with this, which didn’t work, but went back and tried fields under Leads: Leads and it’s working!! THANK YOU.