Quote for Monthly Invoices


We are currently using SuiteCRM 8.1.3

I understand the workflow of creating a quote for a product or service and linking it to an account. In this first scenario the amount quoted would be the amount invoiced. The job or service would then be complete.

However I also wish to quote for a service (monthly price) and then invoice that service each month for twelve months - scenario 2. I can see a contracts module but its functionality is not described in the user guide - its omitted.

You can create a “PDF Template” with type contract however there is not a contract load sample to base a design on. But in the contracts module you can print a pdf. What does or can it print ?

What would be the workflow in scenario 2 ? Create a quote for the monthly price and link it to a contract. And each time you create an invoice that would be linked to a contact which is linked to an account ?

Has anyone successfully implemented scenario 2 workflow and how did you do it on version 8.x ?


I don’t believe you can create or send a PDF via workflow. (unless PDF is static and attached to an email template).

If you wanted to do this, how I would approach it is this:
…create an email template that looks like an invoice. Then I’d create a workflow to create a monthly email using the template to the client. For this to work, you’d need some additional fields in the client record like:

Monthly charge= $xxx
Is charged monthly? = Y/N (this is the trigger to send monthly invoice)

You could also in the same workflow create an “invoice” with the same data so that you can follow up and track outstanding invoices.

I’m sure this is not how you envisioned it working, but I think it would get you there.